A Next-Generation API Platform for Telecom

APIs Enable Communications Service Providers to Provide Competitive Services

Increasing competition from new entrants and Over The Top (OTT) providers as well as the availability of modern technology has disrupted the Telecom industry, dramatically changing the types of services offered and how these solutions are delivered.

To keep pace, telecom providers are leveraging APIs to create differentiated offerings. APIs enable providers to combine their services and systems with third-parties, opening up partnership opportunities that produce innovative and high-quality services more rapidly.

Initiatives such as “Open APIs” are gaining traction among service providers. This initiative provides a flexible integration among operations and management systems, making it easier to collaborate across multiple providers and third-parties.

The Right Platform -
RapidAPI Enterprise Hub

To find, connect to, and manage the APIs more efficiently, a platform is needed to serve the needs of providers, partners, and other third-parties. RapidAPI Enterprise Hub is a next-generation API platform designed to address the needs of modern-day APIs. RapidAPI Enterprise Hub can be customized by the telecom provider, creating an API hub used to internally connect to, share, and manage APIs. Additionally, RapidAPI’s Enterprise Hub can be used to enable third-parties to also find and connect to the provider’s APIs.

The customizableAPI Hub:

  • Integrates seamlessly with internal systems
  • Supports all of the provider’s APIs
  • Works with any API gateway or management system
  • Deploys across multi-cloud environments
  • Provides a dedicated dashboard for managing APIs and ensuring data security, compliance, and adherence to SLAs

Use Case: RapidAPI Enables Providers to Collaborate Internally on APIs

As development teams within telecom organizations grow and split into multiple teams, they form “software silos” with each group responsible for a specific product or technology.

An API Hub provides a centralized location for the various teams to find, manage, and connect to all APIs — using a single key and SDK. An API Hub can be branded with a provider’s identity and enables organizations to create new efficiencies, accelerating the software development process.

RapidAPI Enterprise Hub:

  • Provides a centralized platform for all your APIs
  • Enables you to discover and connect to internal APIs, as well as API subscriptions
  • Empowers developers to easily publish, test and share their APIs
  • Delivers management capabilities that enable enterprises to govern and manage API consumption with enhanced visibility and control

Use Case: RapidAPI Enterprise Hub for Collaboration with Third-party Organizations

Providers can offer third-parties access to key APIs using RapidAPI’s API Hub. Through a secure and centralized API platform, providers can collaborate with third parties to create unique solutions and efficiencies. Using the RapidAPI Hub, providers will be able to create more innovative and personalized services that enhance customer satisfaction.

RapidAPI Enterprise Hub:

  • Provides a centralized and secure API platform
  • Enables companies to create a monetization strategy for their APIs
  • Creates a centralized API hub that third parties can use to securely find, manage, and connect to the APIs you designate — all using a single key and SDK
  • Delivers management capabilities that enable you to govern and manage API consumption with enhanced visibility and control