Create a Team to Share and Collaborate on Internal or External APIs

Collaborate on APIs in a
Private Workspace with
RapidAPI for Teams

As companies transition to using microservices in their architectures, more APIs are created across the organization.

Consequently, it becomes more challenging for developers to find these internal APIs and reuse them when they are developing new software. For developers that subscribe to external APIs, they need a collaborative solution for sharing them internally.

RapidAPI for Teams enables you to publish, share, and connect to internal APIs, as well as external APIs, and microservices.

With RapidAPI for Teams, developers can create an organization and invite others to share internal and external APIs from a private workspace.

Collaboration Using Internal APIs

RapidAPI enables a team of developers to publish, share and connect to internal APIs. Using RapidAPI for teams, developers can search for and discover APIs using powerful search and filter. Additionally developers can:

  • Design API Documentation – use RapidAPI to design API documentation & share it internally
  • Test from Browser – view interactive API docs and test any endpoint from the browser to quickly understand how the API functions
  • Access SDK & Code Snippets – connect to APIs with automatically generated SDKs and code snippets in 20+ programing languages
  • Secure APIs With Sharing & Access Control – use RapidAPI to define which Teams have access to APIs, or approve access on a case-by-case basis
  • Open API – integrate RapidAPI into the development flow by uploading APIs with OpenAPI (Swagger) specs, and updating them from CI/CD flow
  • Unlimited APIs, Unlimited Teams – create an unlimited amount of APIs, API calls, and API Teams

Share External API Subscriptions

Team members can also subscribe to any public API available on the RapidAPI Hub and the entire team can see and use that subscription. This way, you pay once for any API your team uses.

  • Connect to Public APIs – leverage the same platform to connect to thousands of public APIs
  • Access from a Single Location – public APIs will show up alongside internal APIs to help you quickly find and connect to them
  • Manage Subscriptions – manage all of your API subscriptions and connections from one place, with unified performance & utilization metrics

Monitor API Usage and Performance

RapidAPI helps you monitor and analyze the performance of the internal and external APIs you are using, making it easier to debug and maintain your application.

  • Access Detailed Analytics – get insights into every API, right down to the endpoint, consumer, and request level
  • Optimize APIs – know all the users of your API, and analyze how they call different endpoints to optimize your API
  • Optimize Applications – track all the APIs used by an application and understand their impact on its performance
  • Consolidate Billing – pay for all your public API consumption from one place