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A Next-Generation, Customizable API Hub for Enterprise Modernization

APIs are Proliferating
Across the Organization

APIs have become essential tools for building software and have proliferated across the enterprise. APIs play a crucial role in making enterprise systems and services more responsive and adaptable while enabling companies to monetize their data, cultivate partnerships, and unlock innovation.

To take realize the full potential of APIs, organizations need a solution that will support different types of APIs (from REST to Kafka). The RapidAPI Enterprise Hub provides a customizable API platform for finding, connecting to, publishing, and managing your APIs. The RapidAPI hub integrates seamlessly with internal systems, supports all of your APIs, works with multiple different gateways, and can be deployed across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

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RapidAPI Enterprise Hub

RapidAPI Enterprise Hub is a customizable API platform used by developers, customers, and partners to find, manage, and connect to hundreds of internal APIs, as well as external API subscriptions. Built on the world’s largest public API hub, RapidAPI Enterprise Hub enables leading enterprises to accelerate innovation and bring software to market faster.  RapidAPI Enterprise Hub:

  • Integrates seamlessly with internal systems
  • Supports all of your APIs
  • Works with multiple different API gateways or management system
  • Deploys across multi-cloud or hybrid environments
  • Delivers management capabilities that enable you to monitor and manage API consumption with enhanced visibility and control

Use Case: RapidAPI Enterprise Hub to Collaborate Internally on APIs

As development teams within organizations grow and split into multiple teams, they form “software silos” with each group responsible for a specific product or technology.

RapidAPI Enterprise Hub provides a centralized platform for internal collaboration among API providers and developers to find, manage, and connect to all APIs across the organization. The API hub is branded with the company’s identity and enables organizations to create new efficiencies, accelerating the software development process.

RapidAPI Enterprise Hub:

  • Provides a customizable API platform
  • Offers a private API hub to discover and connect to internal APIs, as well as API subscriptions
  • Enables developers to publish their APIs
  • Delivers management capabilities that enable enterprises to govern and manage API consumption with enhanced visibility and control

Use Case: RapidAPI Enterprise Hub for Collaborating with Partners

Organizations can drive innovation by opening up APIs to channels, partners, and customers using RapidAPI Enterprise Hub. Through the branded API hub, companies can collaborate with third-parties to create new products and services.  RapidAPI Enterprise Hub:

  • Creates a centralized API platform that third-parties can use to securely find, manage, and connect to the APIs you designate 
  • Delivers management capabilities that enable you to govern and manage API consumption with enhanced visibility and control.
  • Reduces development cycles for customers and partners using your APIs
  • Enables you to create stickiness for your business when customers and partners embed your APIs into their applications and services

Key Benefits

Expedites Internal API Discovery

With the average organization consuming more than 500 internal APIs, RapidAPI Enterprise Hub enables developers to easily find and consume internal APIs.

Reduces Development Cost and Time:

Developers can break the silos, unifying around one platform to reuse existing APIs rather than duplicating them.

Accelerates Innovation:

Organizations can grant access to internal APIs to enable developers to develop prototypes and new capabilities.

Govern API Consumption:

The RapidAPI Enterprise Hub gives organizations comprehensive governance, security, and management capabilities for API consumption and publishing, including role-based access control, and federated identity.

Visualize API Usage and Consumption:

Monitoring capabilities enable organizations to determine who is leveraging certain APIs and understand usage patterns.

Open Access to Internal APIs:

Enable development teams from partners and customers to access specific internal APIs.

“The marketplace is a one-stop shop for learning about, testing and deploying solutions that help enhance digital experiences and applications.”

-Shikhir Singh, Director of Product Innovation, Telesign

The average Fortune 500 org has over 300 APIs. “But I feel like right now we are API-ing every layer, celebrating any use anywhere and knowing we’ll have more opportunities in the future. One thing I’ve learned at Microsoft is, look, platform companies are best when they can create more opportunities for others."

-Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

“We’ve partnered with RapidAPI to help developers limit the time spent on cleaning text data and maximize the time spent on building amazing machine learning models.”

-Chris Greenough, CEO, Dialex

“By nature, APIs expose application logic and sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and because of this have increasingly become a target for attackers. Without secure APIs, rapid innovation would be impossible.”


“RapidAPI gives us a very digestible and visual view of how APIs are being consumed -whether it is the number of requests that are being made, number of errors produced or the latency.”

-Enterprise Hub Customer

“Using RapidAPI, we were able to work with some of our Fintech partners to expand our service offerings while providing customers with a better digital experience.”

-Financial Services Customer