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Understanding API Types and Choosing the Right One


In a recent survey conducted by RapidAPI in 2019, respondents reported that their organization will continue to increase API usage over the course of 2020. In fact, almost 67% expect to use APIs more this year than previously in 2019. The survey also notes that larger development organizations are already using hundreds of Internal APIs.

As the number of APIs continues to increase, the types of APIs being used in applications are becoming more varied, with organizations exploring GraphQL and Kafka. Choosing the right type of API for a project requires understanding the different available types and the best use cases for each one.

Read this guide to:

  • View a highlight of the different API formats and specifications – Rest, SOAP, Kafka, GraphQL, gRPC, and more!
  • Learn the benefits of each.
  • Understand the optimal use case for selecting different APIs for your project.
Understanding API Types and Choosing the Right One


API Types

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